TP-LINK (TAPO S200B) Smart Button, Control Tapo Smart Devices, Customised Actions, One-Click Alarm, Hub Required

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Meet the TP-LINK TAPO S200B Smart Button – your new favorite way to control multiple lights and electronics with just one click. Customize your actions and activate an alarm for emergencies. Place it in different locations for easy access and experience a quicker and easier way to control your smart home. Plus, it’s easy to install and provides long-lasting performance. Take your smart home to the next level with Tapo and create a more secure, convenient, and comfortable living space for you and your loved ones.

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Smart Button

  • Smart Actions – Control and set multiple lights, electronics, and other Tapo smart devices with the button.
  • Customized Actions – Single tap, double tap, and rotating options enable you to trigger multiple actions, from just one button.
  • One-Click Alarm – Family members can use the device to get help in times of need.
  • Control From Multiple Locations – Control electrical fixtures from multiple locations with Tapo smart buttons.
  • Long Battery Life – The battery will last more than one year.
Smart Control with One Click
Don’t bother opening up an app or calling out to your voice assistant. Just click the button and enjoy a quicker and easier way to control your smart lights. Place two or more buttons in different locations, so your lighting control is always within reach.

Control the Entire Home with One Button
Pair all your Tapo lights and devices with a single button for simple and handy control. When you’re on the go, activate Away Mode with one click to turn off all your connected devices.

A Touch of Security
Emergency help is just a click away. Install the Tapo Smart Button near a tub, toilet, or bedside for always within reach access.

Your New Smart Doorbell
Build your smart doorbell system by installing the Tapo Smart Button on your door and pairing it with your Smart Hub. Mute and unmute notifications with a quick button press on the hub.

Customizable Functions
Program your smart button to trigger up to 4 different actions  with single tapping, double tapping, and rotating controls.

  • Single Tap – Turn the light on/off
  • Double Tap – Change the lighting effect
  • Rotate – Change the brightness or light temperature
Flexible Mounting
Install it anywhere in your home quick and easy. Place it on a table or bedside cabinet, mount it to the wall with the provided adhesives, or attach it to any magnetic surface.

Long-Lasting Performance
Tapo Smart Button uses an ultra low-power power wireless protocol and a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery to provide you years of smart control.

All in One App

Experience your next-level smart home with the Tapo line all in a single app. Create a more secure, convenient, and comfortable living space for you and your loved ones.

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Tech Specs



  • Type: Smart Button
  • #Hide#Type 2: Smart Buttons/Hubs
  • Primary Function(s): “Smart button for Tapo smart devices
    Control/set lights, electronics, & other Tapo smart devices
    Single or double tap, and rotating options to trigger multiple actions
    One-Click Alarm
    Create a smart doorbelll
    Control From Multiple Locations”
  • System Requirements: “iOS 10+, Android 5.0+

    PLEASE NOTE: This product requires a TAPO H100 or H200 Hub to connect to

  • Weight/Dimensions: 43.5 x 16.9 mm
  • Power: CR2032 Battery
    Long Battery Life – more than one year
  • Additional Features: See Overview / Videos
  • Package Contents: Tapo S200B
    CR2032 Battery
    Mounting Template
    Anti-slip Tape
    Double-sided Tape
    Quick Start Guide
  • Package Type: Retail
  • Package Weight: 0.0700 kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years