Upgrade your typing game with our high-quality keyboards! Tech Image offers a wide range of keyboards, from wired to wireless, mechanical to membrane, and more. All orders are sent next business day, so you can start typing away in no time. Plus, we only ship to the UK, ensuring fast and reliable delivery. Shop now and elevate your productivity with Tech Image.

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Mastering Input: Keyboards at Tech Image

The Cornerstone of Computer Interaction

Keyboards are an integral part of the computing experience, providing the primary means of input for most users. Whether for gaming, professional work, or everyday typing, the right keyboard can make a significant difference in comfort and efficiency. Tech Image offers a diverse range of keyboards, including mechanical, membrane, wireless, and ergonomic options, to suit various user preferences and needs.

Next Business Day Delivery: Upgrade Your Typing Experience

Understanding the importance of a good keyboard in your daily computer interaction, Tech Image provides next business day delivery across the UK for all our keyboard products. Experience enhanced typing without delay.

Selecting the Perfect Keyboard

For Gamers and Enthusiasts

  • Mechanical keyboards with customizable key switches, N-key rollover, and RGB backlighting offer a superior gaming experience. These keyboards can be perfectly paired with our Gaming Chairs and Gaming Mice for a complete gaming setup.

For Professionals and Writers

  • Ergonomic keyboards designed for comfort and efficiency are ideal for those who type for extended periods. Combine these with our Monitors and Laptop Accessories for a productive and comfortable workspace.

For General Use and Portability

  • Wireless and compact keyboards are suitable for general use and those with mobile needs. These work well with our range of Laptops and Tablet Accessories for flexible and convenient use.

Key Features to Consider

Switch Type

Choose between mechanical switches for tactile feedback and durability, or membrane switches for a quieter and softer keypress.


Decide between wired keyboards for reliability and latency-free experience or wireless keyboards for flexibility and reduced desk clutter.

Layout and Size

Consider the layout (full-size, tenkeyless, etc.) and size based on your space availability and usage requirements.

Additional Functionalities

Look for extra features like programmable keys, media controls, and integrated touchpads or trackballs, which can enhance usability based on your specific needs.

Expert Advice and Support

Selecting the right keyboard is crucial for a comfortable and efficient computing experience. Our team at Tech Image is ready to assist you in finding a keyboard that suits your typing style and usage, whether for gaming, work, or general use.

At Tech Image, we offer a wide range of keyboards, each designed to cater to different types of users. Whether you are looking for a high-end gaming keyboard, an ergonomic keyboard for work, or a basic wireless keyboard for everyday use, our collection is sure to meet your needs. Explore our options today and discover the perfect keyboard to enhance your computer interaction.