Intel Core i9-12900KF CPU, 1700, 3.2 GHz (5.1 Turbo), 16-Core, 125W (241W Turbo), 10nm, 30MB Cache, Overclockable, Alder Lake, No Graphics, NO HEATSINK/FAN

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The Intel i9-12900KF is here! Unleash extreme performance with the highest clock speeds and groundbreaking architecture. Compatible with most 600 series motherboards, DDR5 memory, and PCIe Gen 5. Revolutionary performance with 8 efficient and 8 performance cores, allowing uninterrupted gameplay and multitasking. Best-in-class connectivity with Thunderbolt 4 and Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6/6E. Streamlined overclocking for nuanced personalization. Get ready for the next generation of gaming!

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INTEL BX8071512900KF

Built for the Next Generation of Gaming

The 12th Generation of Intel Core Processors are here! The i9-12900KF gives you the highest clock speeds and a groundbreaking new architecture, you will be able to push your gameplay to new heights while secondary apps run seamlessly in the background. This processor is unlocked and overclockable for you to be able to unleash extreme performance. The 12th Generations CPU's are compatible with most 600 series motherboards and support PCIe Gen 5, you can also take advantage of DDR5 memory and great features like Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0.
Revolutionary Performance and Multitasking
Intel's new performance hybrid architecture integrates two core families into a single CPU, keeping everything in your gaming universe running smoothly. The Intel Thread Director prioritses and manages workloads, sending tasks to the best core for the job.


8 Performance Cores
P-cores are built for performance across single and lightly-threaded workloads, enhancing activities like gaming and productivity.


8 Efficient Cores
E-cores are optimized for multi-threaded performance, minimizing interruptions from secondary tasks.
Ready For What's Next
The new processor architecture is also compatible with the latest platform innovations, giving you performance improvements throughout your PC. Support for PCIe Gen 5 and DDR5 for high-performance components like memory and graphics.


Best-In-Class Connectivity
Thunderbolt 4 and Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+) deliver fast transfer speeds and connections to peripherals.


Streamlined Overclocking
Separate overclocking controls for both types of cores gives you nuanced personalization.

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Tech Specs



  • Socket: 1700
  • Type: Intel Core i9
  • Clock Speed: 3.2 GHz
  • Turbo Speed: 5.1 GHz
    Turbo Boost Max: 5.2 GHz
  • #Hide#Generation: Intel 12th gen
  • Cores: 16 Core
  • Core Size: 10 nm
  • Threads: 24
  • Cache: 30 MB Intel Smart Cache
    Total L2 Cache: 14 MB
  • TDP: 125W
    241W Turbo
  • Graphics: No
  • Memory: DDR5 4800
    DDR4 3200
  • Max PCI Express Lanes: 20
  • Cooler: No
  • Special Features: See Overview
  • Package Type: Retail
  • Package Weight: 0.4450 kg
  • Warranty: 3 Years