Arctic MX-6 Thermal Compound, 8g Syringe, High Performance

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Introducing ARCTIC’s MX-6, the ultimate thermal paste with over 20 years of expertise behind it. It’s easy to apply and safe to use, offering reliable heat dissipation for all CPUs, GPUs, and ICs. Say goodbye to short circuits and corrosion damage with this innovative non-conductive paste. Upgrade your cooling game today at a fair price.

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Ultimate Performance Thermal Paste

ARCTIC presents MX-6, its newly developed UltimatePerformance Thermal Paste. It has been developed as a successor to the tried-and-tested MX-4, one of the world's best-selling thermal pastes. Behind MX-6, stand over 20 years of expertise in the PC-cooling market, enabling ARCTIC to offer this high-performance product at a fair price.

MX-6 is easy to apply thanks to its high viscosity and thus thicker consistency. In contrast to thermal pastes based on metal oxide or liquid metal, it is not electrically conductive and not capacitive. This eliminates the risk of short circuits and discharges and eliminates corrosion damage to the radiator floor, which often occurs when liquid metal is used.
The new MX-6 features low thermal resistance, and is easy to apply and safe to use, ensuring reliable heat dissipation over long periods of time. It is suitable for all CPUs and GPUs in PCs, laptops or consoles, as well as ICs.


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Tech Specs



  • Type: Thermal Paste
  • Volume: 8g
  • Weight: 8 g
  • Features: Viscosity: 45000 Poise
    Density: 2.6 g/cm3
    Continuous Use Temperature: -50~150 C
    Volume Resistivity: 1.8 X 1012 Ohm-cm
    Breakdown Voltage: 7.5 kV/mm
    Colour: Grey
  • Package Type: Retail
  • Package Weight: 0.0200 kg