USB-C Accessories You Can Use with your MacBook Air

I’m typing this in on a new MacBook Air and to say I’m impressed with the huge leap forward Apple’s M1 chip has made would be an understatement. They’ve moved the needle a long way, for sure.

If you’ve just got one of these new MacBooks from Apple, or you’re on the waiting list to receive one, you’re maybe considering how you can connect your USB kit, keyboard, mouse, and any display devices.

Well, of course, you can order official Apple equipment – and it’s all excellent quality – but here at Tech Image, we have some nice alternatives, which may be more what you were looking to get hold of, with next day delivery in the UK, and at a price and build quality which will support your new high end laptop computer. Wins all around!

USB-C to VGA and HDMI Adapter (yes both!)

First up, this nice bit of kit from Akasa, a USB-C to VGA or HDMI adapter (for your screens!)

Sandberg USB 3.1 Type-C Dock

Now I’ve got a couple of these, and they are just a great way to extend the range of pluggables your USB-C enabled device can support.

This bad boy will get you 2x USB ports, an HDMI outlet (2 if you have two! Pro tip!) and also, important for my broadband speed itch, a wired network connection is on the end too. At £72 it ain’t cheap, but it’s got some build quality – aluminium no less – and will likely last you as long as your machine.

Get next day UK delivery on any of these as standard.

If you’d like a free delivery coupon for these, leave a comment below and I’ll try to get one emailed to you (I have a few available, but not many… which I’d like to give to people who read this blog 🙂 ).

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