CyberPower UT 650VA Line Interactive Tower UPS, 360W, LED Indicators, 4x IEC, AVR Energy Saving, Up to 1Gbps Ethernet

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Introducing the CyberPower UT650EIG – the ultimate power protection solution for your computer, networking equipment, and storage devices. Its patented GreenPower UPS Bypass design reduces energy costs while extending battery life, and its Automatic Voltage Regulation stabilizes AC power output. With features like overload protection, phone/fax/modem/DSL/network protection, and surge/spike protection, you can trust the UT650EIG to keep your equipment safe and secure. Plus, its ultra-low energy consumption is both environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly. Try it today!

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CyberPower UT650EIG guarantees power protection for computers, networking equipment, and storage devices. The product adopts line-interactive topology with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) function to offer stabilized AC power output.

The patented GreenPower UPS Bypass design achieves ultra-low power consumption to reduce energy costs, and allows a lower operation temperature which extends battery lifespan.


  • Energy Saving Technology
  • Generator Compatible
  • Overload Protection
  • Phone/Fax/Modem/DSL/Network Protection
  • EMI and RFI Filtration
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • High-speed Ethernet Data Transmission
  • Configurable Alarm

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Tech Specs



  • Type: External UPS
  • Maximum Capacity: 650VA / 360W
  • Battery Type: Sealed Lead-acid
  • Typical Protection: “Surge Suppression: 125 Joules
    EMI/RFI Filtration
    Phone/Network Protection RJ11/RJ45 (Combo): 1-in, 1-out”
  • Inversion: Simulated Sine Wave
  • Transfer Time: 4 ms
  • Battery Protection: “Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Single Boost, Single Buck
    Overload Protection: Internal Current Limiting, Fuse”
  • Input Voltage: Nominal Input Voltage: 230 ± 10% Vac
    Input Voltage Range: 165 ~ 290 Vac
  • Output Voltage: 230 ± 10% Vac
  • Recharge Time: 6 Hours
  • Runtime: at 60W: 28 minutes
    at 90W: 16 minutes
  • Interfaces: “4 x IEC C13
    RJ11/RJ45 (Combo): 1-in, 1-out”
  • Visual Indicators: “LED Indicators:
    Power On, Line Mode, Battery Mode, Bypass Mode, Low Battery, Overload, UPS Fault
  • Audible Indicators: “Alarms:
    Battery Mode, Low Battery, Overload, UPS Fault”
  • Environment: “Operating Temperature: 32 ~ 104°F
    Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C
    Operating Relative Humidity (Non-condensing): 0 ~ 90 %
    Operating Elevation: 0-9,843 feet (0-3,000 meters)
    Storage Temperature: -4 ~ 122 °F
    Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 50 °C
    Storage Relative Humidity (Non-condensing): 0 ~ 90%
    Storage Elevation: 0-9,843 feet (0-3,000 meters)
    Online Thermal Dissipation: 34 BTU/hr”
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 84 x 174 x 280 mm
  • Weight: 4.05 kg
  • Additional Features: See Overview / Video
  • Accessories: Power Cord
    Product Registration Card
    Quick Start Guide
  • Package Type: Retail
  • Package Weight: 4.2000 kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years – direct with CyberPower