NEW – Improved Search & Filters

The search and filter elements of this website have been improved. Click the magnifying glass icon to search, start typing what you are looking for, and the new system will go ahead and start guessing what you’re looking for. You’ll be given a range of products to choose from, as well as product categories too, helping you to find the exact thing you wanted without having to type it all out and do the work.

image image

When you do land on a category, you’ll be faced with a fresh set of product filters, in the top left, which will allow you to toggle “in stock” to only see in stock products (before we hid out of stock products from view entirely here, but some customers want to know what the choices are and wait for them to come back into stock, so we’re allowing this with these filters).

You can still drill down by price, tag and brand, with even faster operation:

image image

We’re always looking to make improvements, so if you have specific filters you’d like to see in a particular category (memory, HDD size for laptops, and etc) then please leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to add the feature to the filter and search options, without compromising on speed.

You maybe noticed the Easter Egg above too… yes we have Apple Macbook Air M2 device listed in the store now. We have a huge range of additional products coming soon, including all the latest Apple gear; all with our Next Business Day delivery as standard. Watch this space for when those products become available to purchase!

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